19-21 april

The new communication campaign, chosen for the next edition of Cosmofarma Exhibitionfocuses on the person and the enhancement of the skills of each individual, as a bearer of uniqueness, but without forgetting the importance of technology: Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence are phenomena that can support and integrate – and not replace – the work of the human being.

The claim “Care. Inspiration. Evolution.” embraces 3 key concepts: caring as an invaluable value, synonymous with attention, commitment and closeness, inspiration as a spark from which to turn ideas and creativity into concrete projects, and evolution as personal and professional growth in the improvement sense.

In fact, the payoff emphasizes the importance of human value, empathy and competence, characteristics that represent an added value, especially when we talk about health professions, such as that of pharmacists.

The visual chosen to accompany the message declines in a playful and captivating concept of evolution, intended precisely as improvement, linked to inspiration and therefore that starts from the person and then take shape thanks to integration with technology. Origami is the symbol of knowing how to create the most varied shapes from what is a simple sheet of paper, which represents the idea. Create through inspirations that make you grow, change, transform, improve and therefore, evolve, and why not, fly.


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