Mouthwash stick-packs

Unither Pharmaceuticals introduces a new stick-pack mouthwash for the Chinese market


Through the collaboration between Unither Pharmaceuticals’ plants in Colomiers (France) and Wuhan (China), the company developed and manufactured mouthwash sticks for its customer: Shenzhen Daphne.

The mouthwash, classified as a cosmetic product, is available in a volume of 15*10ml using the stick-pack technology. The mouthwash stick-pack is assembled using several components that work together to guarantee and ensure the stability of the product over time.


Odontological Control

The clinical and odontological tolerance as well as the acceptability in the normal conditions of use were evaluated under the control of a Dermatologist. This allowed to highlight an “excellent odontological tolerance on gums and teeth” as well as more than 85% of positive answers to the main claims of fresh breath and healthy mouth feeling. – Dr. Michel Riche


Benefits of the Liquid Stick-Pack

According to the CDMO, patient safety is their top priority : « We’ve taken patient experience to heart. Our advanced formulation addresses taste masking and reduces or eliminates the need for preservatives. This ensures not only better efficacy but also a more pleasant experience for patients, making their treatment journey smoother. »

The Ready-to-Use Stick-pack ensures accurate dosing, minimizing the risk of errors commonly associated with traditional medication packaging. With clear instructions and a user-friendly design, patients can administer their medication safely.

Achieving the right dosage is crucial for effective treatment. The Stick-pack technology precisely measures and delivers the correct dose every time, eliminating misuse and ensuring consistent therapeutic outcomes.

Ready-to-Use, Robust, and Easy to Carry, it is designed for modern lifestyles. There is no need for measuring cups or extra containers.

This technology guarentees good product conservation and stability. Stick-pack design assembles multiple components to guarantee the integrity and longevity of the medication, maintaining its effectiveness over time.


Manufacturing Site

Unither Liquid Manufacturing, located in Colomiers, France, has been providing solutions globally since its establishment in 1985. With a dedicated team of over 200 employees, the company operates with a large production capacity, employing high-speed lines for the manufacturing of stick-packs. The facility also includes an R&D Pilot Workshop, demonstrating the company’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. Furthermore, Unither Liquid Manufacturing holds European ANSM cGMP certification, ensuring that its operations adhere to rigorous quality standards set by regulatory authorities.