Mouthwash stick-packs for Shenzhen Daphne (China)

We developed and manufactured Mouthwash stick-packs in collaboration thanks to our Colomiers and Wuhan sites!

  • Product: Mouthwash
  • Status: Cosmetic
  • Volume: 15*10ml
  • Technology: Stick-pack
  • Packaging: Assembly of several components to guarantee and ensure the stability of the product over time     

Benefits of the Liquid Stick-Pack

  • Safety of use
  • Delivery of the right dose
  • Ready-to-use, robust and easy to carry
  • Good product conservation
  • Improved formulation (taste masking and less or no preservatives)
    Possibility for the patient to purchase a stick-pack by unit

Odontological Control

The clinical and odontological tolerance as well as the acceptability in the normal conditions of use were evaluated under the control of a Dermatologist. This allowed to highlight an “excellent odontological tolerance on gums and teeth” as well as more than 85% of positive answers to the main claims of fresh breath and healthy mouth feeling. – Dr. Michel Riche

Manufacturing Site

Unither Liquid Manufacturing (Colomiers, France)

  • Delivering solutions worldwide since 1985
  • More than 200 employees
  • Large production capacity & high-speed
  • lines of stick-packs
  • R&D Pilot Wokshop
  • European ANSM cGMP certified


European ANSM cGMP, cosmetics production and packaging
ISO 13485 (LNE) Certification