Preservative-free multidose: a disruptive technology that guarantees the absence of preservatives

Preservative-free multidose

Eye drops and gels for ophthalmic use in the form of a preservative-free multidose are becoming essential.
Among many others, artificial tears, ocular hygiene solutions, anti-infective and anti-inflammatory treatments are now available in PFMD version along with BFS presentation.

We are happy to note that the list of molecules fitting with the PFMD presentation is growing: prostaglandins, immunosuppressants, different combinations of API allowing to treat chronic and punctual/ seasonal diseases like glaucoma, conjunctivitis, uveitis, DES (Dry eye syndrome)… but also certain preparations for ophthalmological examinations.

The benefits of this multidose packaging go beyond convenience, hygiene and optimization of tolerance. This sustainable and affordable technology, is easy to carry and ideal for “on-the-go” lifestyle designed to be reusable (easy to re-cap). The preservative-free multidoses manufactured in a sterile and preservative-free environment limit microbial contamination every time the product is poured.
This grants the patients with a safe product which can be used up to 30 days.

Preservative-free multidose by Unither Pharmaceuticals

To meet the demands of our customers and the preservative-free multidose market, we have equipped ourselves with a multi-dose aseptic filling capacity. Unither can therefore offer the development services and subcontracting of ophthalmic formulas for PFMD technologies.

With more than 1.2 billion sterile doses manufactured each year, Laboratoire Unither Coutances is an Ophthalmological expert.
We are acting worldwide with products delivered in more than 100 countries. The site is approved by international standards (FDA, ANVISA, MHRA, KFDA, Russian, Turkish & Libyan MOH, Canada health, etc.).