Innovative, convenient and safeLiquid Stick pack

Unistick® Liquid Stick-Pack

An alternative to the sterile unit dose, the Unistick contains
a premeasured dose of liquid, and is robust, easy-to-open,
and portable.
An excellent choice for oral and topical delivery.

Liquid Stick-Packs

Unither is a unique benchmark for liquid stick-pack technology thanks to its multidisciplinary and international team. Liquid stick-packs deliver the right dose for a precise dosage. It is adapted to populations experiencing swallowing difficulties (children and seniors), as well as to patients with an active lifestyle, thanks to its ease of administration (taken without water).

VB DSC0022


  • Unit dose
  • 2 to 15ml


A unique offer and full expertise 

  • INTERNATIONAL : Multiple sites that allow a strong industrial network
  • A WIDE RANGE: Cosmetics, Drugs (generics, princeps, OTC), medical devices
  • TURNKEY PRODUCTS: from concept to finished product
  • MULTI-DISCIPLINARY AND INTERNATIONAL TEAM: A response to all your regulatory and development needs 
  • INNOVATION: Products without preservatives


  • EMEA,
  • FDA,
  • and most of authorities worldwide

Manufacturing and capacity

Total capacity: 400 million sticks

Colomiers, France
Rochester, NY USA
Barretos, Brazil