Innovative, convenient and safeLiquid Stick pack

Unistick® Liquid Stick-Pack

An alternative to the sterile unit dose, the Unistick contains
a premeasured dose of liquid, and is robust, easy-to-open,
and portable.
An excellent choice for oral and topical delivery.

Liquid stick packs : Overview

Unither pioneered liquid stick packs technology, and it is widely accepted and preferred by patients in Europe over legacy delivery forms.  We foresee this trend coming to North America.  Portable, affordable, and safe, liquid stick packs are an excellent alternative to glass ampoules, vials and traditional rectangular sachets.  Through the Colomiers and Rochester sites, Unither can manage the full development of liquid stick packs from initial concept to the marketing stage, providing the benefit of Unither’s development expertise.

Advantages of liquid stick packs

One of the biggest advantages of liquid stick packs technology is its ability to deliver portable, pre-measured doses, thus helping patients take the right dose at the right time.

Unit-doses are easy to carry, robust, simple to use, and protect the product until its expiry date. They are perfect for the modern, active lifestyle.

Liquid stick packs are ideal for syrups, solutions, and suspensions for oral administration and liquid or semi-solid topical formulations.  They are thus excellent for cough (dry or productive) and cold treatments, gastroenterology (antacid preparations), pain relief, food supplements and dermatology.


We are able to provide boxes of liquid stick packs at a similar price to the equivalent quantity in bottles. Our R&D teams are developing new preservative-free formulations that will create new markets for liquid oral and topical products.

We are currently running cGMP liquid stick packs batches in both France and the US. Both sites are fully inspected and accredited by the relevant European Authorities, enabling the products to be sold on the European market.  In addition, the US site is FDA inspected and accredited to supply the American market.

With investment in new liquid stick packs lines, the increasing capacity developed at Unither keeps the sites able to welcome new products in development alongside existing products.

We undertake tech-transfer of products developed by our customers or third parties, and our highly trained, dedicated R&D teams can fully develop custom liquid stick packs from the earliest stages.

orange Colomiers, France
High-speed liquid stick packs machines 
Delivering 228 million sticks per year
Unit-doses contents from 2.5 mL to 20 mL

Rochester, NY USA
High-speed liquid stick-packs machines 
Delivering >200 million sticks per year
Unit-doses contents from 2.5 mL to 10 mL

Key figures about liquid stick-packs

  • An installed capacity of over 350 million unit-doses per year.
  • Unit-doses contents from 5 mL to 15 mL
  • Compounding and filling of solutions, suspensions, emulsions and gels
  • Expertise in the selection of foil characteristics to ensure product stability over time
  • Specific know-how in the manufacturing of:
    • Oxygen-sensitive products (N2 compounding and filling)
    • Light-sensitive products
    • Plant extract products
  • Pilot equipment for small batches (tech-transfer and clinical batches)
  • Analytical R&D and QC laboratories for method development and validation, ICH stability studies, quality control and release
  • Regulatory services for writing variation or CTD file

Liquid Stick Pack