Unither pharmaceuticals, a single-dose specialist

Specializing in contract manufacturing, Unither ensures that its innovative galenic forms remain competitive, practical and easy to use for the patients. The development of those galenic formulations for pharmaceutical use aims to improve the lives of patients and doctors. Unither focuses on the development and manufacture of quality single-dose drugs using Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS), Preservative-free multidose (PFMD) and liquid stick-packs technologies.

Ideal for active patients' lifestyles, unit doses are dosage forms that are both easy to carry and administer as treatment products, thus significantly improving not only dosage accuracy but also patient compliance and treatment experience.

The development of new galenic formulations and products is adapted to the active principle, the route of administration and patients' needs, while meeting the regulatory requirements. In fact, galenic innovation plays a major part in improving treatment compliance and formulation persistence through the release of clinical studies and new galenic pharmaceutical formulations and products. Unither's teams, and particularly Bordeaux Innovation & Development Center, have cutting-edge expertise to help patients and doctors to be active and achieve their projects.

Some recent studies indicate that the reduced treatment burdens attributed to new galenic formulations and products are associated with better treatment compliance and persistence. New galenic formulations and products can definitely improve health outcomes in routine clinical practices.

Some key figures

More than
30 years of expertise
in galenic development
to improve patients
and doctors lives

More than 100 galenic
formulations and products

of quality developed and
available on the market

Non-GMP manufacturing area,
dedicated to the development
of new galenic formulations
and products of quality

GMP manufacturing

Qualified Equipment

  • Blenders, mixer/granulators, ovens, fluidized bed dryer, roller compactor, grinder, calibration sieves
  • Tablet compression on alternating or rotary presses (single or multi punches, mono or bi-layer tablet press)
  • Tablet coating by conventional or perforated coating pan
  • Capsule filling by manual, semi-automatic or automatic filling equipment with pre-compression
  • Mixing tanks for liquids and pastes, vacuum-jacketed tank

Primary Packaging

  • Blister packs (PVC/ALU, PVC-PVDC/ALU, ALU/ALU, Aclar, Triplex)
  • Stick packs and sachets filled with liquid or powder
  • Rigid tubes for tablets, flexible HDPE tubes, aluminum tubes for topicals
  • Pillboxes

Production of commercial batches

Regulatory expertise