What makes us proud?

Éric Goupil, President of Unither Pharmaceuticals, shares his Vision of Pride at BPI France’s BIG Event


Unither Pharmaceuticals, a major player in drug development and manufacturing serving major laboratories for 30 years, was at the heart of the BIG event organized by BPI France on October 05, 2023.


The company’s president, Éric Goupil, had the opportunity to share his profound vision of the group’s pride, highlighting the innovation and values that guide its journey.


The Pride of France:

Éric Goupil began by expressing deep pride in his country, France. This territory, rich in culture, geography, history and gastronomy, represents a concentration of diversity in a compact space. He emphasized France’s essential role in his country’s education, well-being and working environment.


Innovation at the heart of Unither Pharmaceuticals’ DNA:

Innovation is central to the DNA of Unither Pharmaceuticals. Éric Goupil emphasized that the company does not simply follow the market, but actively shapes it. Innovation represents the company’s willingness to bring something new to the table by taking calculated risks. The latest breakthrough, combining a single-dose unit with a needle to create a ready-to-use injection system, testifies to Unither’s commitment to redefining industry standards.


Running a company, an extraordinary adventure:

Éric Goupil shared his conviction that running a company is an extraordinary adventure that requires both the mind and the heart. The role of the leader is to set a vision and a course, while cultivating a human community where each individual contributes to achieving common goals.


Respect as the foundation:

Respect, a fundamental value at Unither, encompasses listening to others and taking their perspectives into account. Éric Goupil stressed the importance of remaining humble and aware of others, pointing out that respect acts as a vaccine against hubris, reminding us that success must not make us lose sight of the importance of others.


A Positive Mark on the Market and in Life:

Since life on earth is ephemeral, Éric Goupil raised the question of the trace we leave behind. Through its innovative projects and the values it conveys, Unither hopes to leave a positive mark on the market and in the lives of those around it.


Extended Corporate Responsibility:

Éric Goupil asserted that a company’s responsibility extends beyond its shareholders. It extends to its customers, employees and the ecosystem in which it operates. Shareholders are essential partners, but Unither’s project is to contribute to the well-being of its customers, support its employees, and nurture the ecosystem that surrounds it.


In conclusion, Éric Goupil expressed his gratitude to every member of the Unither family. Together, they are shaping the future of health, innovation and pride. Unither Pharmaceuticals is grateful for the ongoing commitment of all its partners.