World Sight Day

World Sight Day aims to raise awareness and draw attention to blindness and visual impairment.


As part of this day, we invite you to explore the educational resources available:






Age-related Macular Degeneration



At Unither Pharmaceuticals, we are committed to eye health, developing innovative solutions to simplify and improve the lives of patients worldwide. Among our ophthalmic health product development and manufacturing projects:

  • Dry eye: We are working on various solutions to treat dry eye, ranging from medical devices, to ciclosporin, to projects involving the use of blood platelets.
  • Cataract: “Ciclograft”, entirely designed and manufactured in France, is the result of a collaboration between French players (SATT Nord, Alept, Kôl and Amiens University Hospital). Our Unither site in Amiens has been entrusted with the manufacture of this eye drop, and its marketing to the KÔL laboratories.
  • Ocular anesthesia: Iheezo, a chloroprocaine gel, an ocular anesthetic used in cataract surgery. This essential tool helps make procedures more comfortable for patients.
  • Orphan drugs: As a CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization), we are proud to participate in the development of orphan drugs for rare diseases.

Please feel free to consult the SNITEM resources: RDV avec vos yeux : diagnostic et prévention – Snitem and contact us to find out more: