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We have four manufacturing sites, corporate offices, and one R&D site in France, one manufacturing site and a commercial office in Brazil, and a manufacturing site in the United States.

When you apply to work with us, you have the chance to join a recognized company with many roles available and genuine prospects for career development. We are committed to supporting every employee’s development, at every stage, in every way. We are a fast-growing company; join us as we venture into a promising future that offers growth and job stability.

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Function Contract Studies level Experience Geographical area Working place Job beginning on
Chargé AQ Validation Systèmes Informatisés (H/F) Temporary Assignment Technical certificate 2 - 5 FRANCE COLOMIERS 03/01/2018
Pharmacien(ne) Qualité Client (H/F) Temporary Assignment Master degree 2 - 5 FRANCE AMIENS 10/15/2017
Chargé Assurance Qualité Compliance (H/F) Temporary Assignment Master degree 2 - 5 FRANCE COLOMIERS 02/14/2018
Responsable Assurance Qualité Système (H/F) Full Time Master degree 2 - 5 FRANCE GANNAT 03/01/2018